My skincare routine

A while ago I touched on my skincare routine and the fact I get monthly face peels. I’ve also previously written about my ongoing battle with rosacea and my continual experimentation with different products. It was September 2016 when I started having monthly gentle face peels and using the post care products from Aspect morning and night.

I didn’t actually realise the significant difference to my skin until I found some old photos I’d taken back in 2015 of my rosacea and compared it to a recent shot I took without make-up on. Not only is the redness diminished, but the overall quality of my skin is much smoother.

I’m not going to lie, maintaining this routine isn’t cheap, I potentially spend more money on my skincare than clothes or nights out but I guess it’s all about priorities. I’ve become far more interested in looking after my skin since entering my thirties and far less interested in getting wasted on nights out – I guess this is what they call growing up – but the results are worth it. I used to be someone who never allowed people to see them without make-up on because I was so self conscious about my skin. Now, I’m more confident and less worried about what people think – potentially a combination of my improved skin and simply getting older.

I’m not saying you need to spend a fortune on skincare but it you do have rosacea and can’t find anything that works for you, perhaps give gentle face peels a go. Always have a proper consultation first to assess if the treatment is right for you. Regardless of what you use, look after your skin – always remove your make-up before bed, cleanse properly, use an eye cream and moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


Taken June 2015 with no make-up on.
Taken June 2017 with no make-up on.

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