Change is as good as a holiday

Something interesting happened to me this week, last Sunday I cut all my hair off – but that alone is not the interesting part – the interesting part has been people’s reactions to it. Prior to getting the chop I asked numerous friends and colleagues how they think I would look with short hair. While some were enthusiastic for the change, others were less so, responding with comments like “But your hair is so long and beautiful – I can’t grow my hair like that”. What I quickly realised is people weren’t telling me how they think short hair would look on me, instead they were unknowingly projecting their own hair wishes on to me.

Essentially, aside from my own, the only opinion I really trust when it comes to my hair is my hairdresser. I love my hairdresser. When I went in and asked for a fringe she advised me against it, saying that I had cowlicks along my hairline and I would spend the rest of my life blow drying it. And she was right. So I knew she’d tell me the truth. After discussions around maintenance and frizz I decided to go for it.


It’s not as if I’ve never cut my hair short before – I have – I’ve just never maintained the shorter style, instead letting it grow long. I walked out of the hairdresser in love with my new shorter crop of curls and ready to take on the world. Then I rocked up to work. I suddenly realised that the reason I don’t maintain my short hair is because people’s reactions to it make me question my own. Comments like “Hmmm, do you like it?” and “Wow, you look…. different” eat away at my subconscious and I unknowingly decide to grow it out.

It’s made me realise that everyday we make these flippant, nonchalant comments with no idea how they effect people. I do it too. We all do. Since the time I was 5 years old I’ve been told never to cut my hair because it was so thick and amazing – by my Mother, my teachers, my friends – but at the end of the day it’s just hair. And most importantly – it’s my hair.


So this time I’m ignoring my subconscious, I’m going to trust my instincts and keep it short. It’s time for a change, a fresh start and a new chapter. And nothing says moving forward like a crop of short curls!


2 thoughts on “Change is as good as a holiday

  1. Ahh it looks amazing. I totally agree with the sentiments of this post. We really have no right to tell other people how they should look. Plus as you said it is just hair, it grows back, its not a big deal!
    Aussie misuse of sayings always makes me chuckles as well. The original saying is a change is “a good as a rest”


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