Book Review | #GIRLBOSS

I know I’m a little late to jump on the #GIRLBOSS bandwagon but with the launch of the Netflix series I figured it was a great time to read the book. Written by Nasty Gal Founder and CEO Sophia Amoruso, it details her journey from selling vintage clothes on eBay from her bedroom to running a multi-million dollar company.


Potentially the most inspiring part of Amoruso’s story is how she started out – she couldn’t have looked less like the CEO of a successful company, bin diving and shoplifting all part of her weekly routine. The decision to flip vintage on eBay effectively changed the course of Amoruso’s life and Nasty Gal was born. Discovering a knack for selling and knowing what her customers want, the business continued to grow and expand.

Hating being described as a ‘rags to riches’ story, Amoruso prefers to emphasise what she learnt along the journey. #GIRLBOSS is full of practical advice and inspiring anecdotes for anyone contemplating starting their own business or even if you’re just looking for a little inspiration to light a fire under you at your job.

In particular the chapter which talks about the power of magical thinking really struck a cord with me. I’ve mentioned before that I tend to dwell on the negative and exhaust way too much energy thinking about people or situations that do not deserve my time. Amoruso touches on this and how we need to visualise the future that we want and work your ass of for it. If I’m spending all my time dwelling on the negative, it leaves no time for me to focus on what I really want and make it happen. Have you ever noticed if you waste time thinking about someone – a friend or guy – who hurt you, inevitably they will reach out to you, like you conjured them up. Imagine if that power was harnessed to bring success and happiness into your life. While I enjoyed the entire book – this chapter really hit home for me.

#GIRLBOSS was written back in 2014 and it was disheartening to discover that at the end of 2016 Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy protection and Founder Sophia Amoruso had been distancing herself from the company since her book was published. Amid rumours of unhappy staff and mistreatment, Nasty Gal was sold to the BooHoo Group in 2017. Although #GIRLBOSS is still an inspiring read, I have to admit, finding out things weren’t as peachy as Amoruso made out was a little disappointing. Still, I do recommend this as a great read, which is more than most people are saying about the Netflix series….


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