Halloween 1940s style

Traditionally I’m not what you would call a Halloween person. I don’t get dressed up and I am one of those people who turns off all their lights and pretends they aren’t home so trick-or-treaters will leave them alone. But this year I had an offer a couldn’t refuse – drinks with my lovely vintage ladies at the fabulous Absinthe Salon in Surry Hills. Now, there was a general consensus that we would go scary – full blown creepy – as someone from our era of choice. I decided I’d go as a dead WWII Red Cross Nurse.

Unfortunately in our present day society the only real costume choices out there for women are sexy ‘insert profession’, while men are “allowed” to be firefighters, ninjas, doctors…. It’s 2016 – can we please be a little more imaginative with our costume choices for women?! So, when the only option for you is “sexy nurse”, make do and mend and create it yourself. 20161029_125244-01

Very much an over-achiever and always giving 110% – if I was going to be a member of the un-dead – I was going to be horrifying. I owned a white skirt and bought a child’s school shirt from Best and Less. Trying to find a plain white apron was a challenge but my Mother had one she’d never used which we were able to sew a red cross onto, and some blood. The nurses cap was another challenge. I came across this long and helpful YouTube tutorial on how to starch and construct an authentic WWII nurses cap – it’s not easy but I decided to give it a go.

Cut to me nursing my nurses cap all the way in on the bus (pun intended) so it wouldn’t get crushed.

One of my most prized vintage possessions is my American WWII nurses cape, which went perfectly with my Halloween outfit. The fact that it once belonged to someone who is now dead just added to the creepiness of my overall outfit.


Perhaps the best part of the outfit was the ‘handbag’ which was at one time a first aid kit. This is why sometimes it pays to never throw anything away.

Make-up was fairly straight forward – white face paint, black eye make-up, red lips, blood and some talcum powder in my victory rolls.

When it was time to leave I went to step into the lift, fully decked out in all my un-dead glory, and noticed a man inside looking down at his phone. He stepped forward as if the leave the lift and looked up – and screamed. He physically recoiled at the sight of me. As far as I was concerned mission accomplished, my night was made.

I loved the Absinthe Salon – its intimate interiors, amazing alcohol, friendly staff and of course, my closest vintage girls all decked out and looking stunning. However, seems, as usual, I was the most overdressed woman in the room. We obviously all interpreted the creepy memo differently. I felt like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls. While they all appeared creepy, they were still stunningly beautiful, while I on the other hand actually looked as if I had clawed myself out of a shallow grave. Thankfully after a few absinthes I really couldn’t have cared less and stopped noticing the stares.

Looking forward to returning to the Absinthe Salon when I look, well, alive, and if anyone ever needs a nurses outfit, a blood stained apron or a first aid kit, give me a call.



Photo: @ladylaurabell and Reynaud Photography @reynaudphotography
Ellen of @awildteaparty. Photo: @ladylaurabell and Raynaud Photography @reynaudphotography
Photo: @ladylaurabell and Reynaud Photography @reynaudphotography
Nicola of @rozelle_rose. Photo: @ladylaurabell and Reynaud Photography @reynaudphotography
Girl Squad. Photo: @ladylaurabell and Reynaud Photography @reynaudphotography

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