Let’s talk about the F-Word

On this day two years ago I launched Lila Jean Vintage Magazine. On this day one year ago I decided to create an interview series which focused on women in business and discuss failure. And with that The F-Word Series was born. over the last twelve months I have been so privileged to interview some truly inspiring women who I admire and respect. I have learnt so much from them and am truly grateful for their enthusiasm and candidness.

As a way to finish off the series I thought I would present some of the most thought provoking statements from these amazing women. I sincerely hope you have been as inspired by these interviews as I have and they encourage you to follow your dreams.

To discuss your failures in life requires you to be vulnerable. It demands that you acknowledge that something didn’t go to plan – that you were disappointed, hurt, betrayed, swindled. Without failure though, we’re unable to flourish and blossom.
– Margeaux Vallantyne

I am a hard task master with myself also, but I don’t think anyone really likes failure, it is a big disappointment after a lot of hard work, such a deflating feeling so I suppose we don’t want to talk about it because we don’t want to relive that feeling. It is also because we’re concerned about what impression people have of us – we want it to be a good one so we mask the failures and embellish the successes!
– Amy Truslove

Rather than seeing your failures as something to be embarrassed about you should see them as hurdles that you overcame to make you stronger. Often it’s our failures that we learn from most. Mine have certainly shaped me into the strong women I am today and I am grateful for all the lessons I’ve been challenged with in my colourful life.
Minnie Monroe

But it is not about failing, it just means that doing it that way didn’t work, and you just need to pick yourself up and try it another way! Then rinse and repeat until you find the way that dose work!
Evelyn Wood

These “failures” actually clearly led me to where I am now.  I thought by selling my shop, I failed at my dream. But I so didn’t. That was the best thing I ever did! It sparked the idea of The Vintage Post, and now I absolutely love what I do, and the shop was just a stepping stone to get to somewhere even more exciting – where I am now.
Trish Hunter

So it’s important to learn to accept that not every person will love your business and that’s okay. The social media age means that many people can feel very free to share their opinions and it’s not always constructive, it’s in their self-interest. I think that as long as the vast majority of customers like your business and are happy, that’s enough. Pleasing everyone is actually impossible so don’t try.
Emma Morris

Like most things we sometimes feel that slapping on a positive face and keeping the “all good, nothing to see here but awesome stuff n things” show going will work, and i have done this many times…truth is, the only person we are fooling is ourselves and by sharing our struggles and failures we gain support and also help others in the same situation.
– Ally Ferguson

The most important piece of advice ever given to me after I was down about all the seemingly perfect business successes of others that I was seeing on social media. A wise person said to me: “While your minding someone else business you are not minding your own”. We are all scared of failure, that’s normal but, also, we all know that you need the failures to learn from and to be successful. If you’ve never failed, you’ve never tried anything new they say!
– Miss Chrissy

There is too much negativity associated to the word. Also, social media and glamorous celebrities make us feel inadequate if we confess anything but happiness or exude perfection. We should celebrate the word and learn from it.
Deborah Thomson


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