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Recently I decided to try my very first facial peel. ‘But you have rosacea!?!’ – I hear you cry. Yes, ordinarily, a peel is the worst thing you could possibly do to a person who suffers from rosacea, but I read about these specialised treatments designed to address specific skin conditions – like rosacea. It’s an incredibly gentle treatment offered by Looks Clinic at a cost of around $110.

I’ve never been one for facials, I don’t find them relaxing and given the sensitivity of my skin they have always been a bit of a risk. Plus, they’re kind of expensive. But now that I’m approaching my mid – 30s I’ve decided to invest more time and money into my skincare and really take care of my rosacea. Of course the beautician recommended having the peel every two weeks but I decided to start off with once a month as well as investing in the post-op skincare products which include a cleanser, vitamin B cream and a redless serum to be applied morning and night.

The products are by Aspect and while I’m fairly skeptical about the benefits of expensive skin products actually making a difference, I have to say so far I’m really happy with how my skin looks. I’ve just had my third treatment and I’ve been using the products for about three months and while my skin is still red, the quality of my skin has improved. It is no where near as bumpy as it was, and appears smoother and more flawless under my make-up.

I’m fairly realistic when it comes to my skin. Bottom line is, aside from expensive laser treatment, there is no easy fix for rosacea. I will probably always have red cheeks and that’s not something I have a huge amount of control over. So I try to control the things I can by using the right skincare products and taking care of my skin. This means loads of sunscreen, absolutely no sun baking, general avoidance of things that will aggravate my skin like alcohol and spicy foods, drinking a lot of water, allowing myself make-up free days so my skin can have a break and trying to get enough sleep (the one I struggle with the most right now!). But also, trying not to be so concerned that if I do leave the house without make-up on, that people are staring at me. Chances are, no one will even look up from their smart phones. In fact, right after my last facial, a lovely 92 year old lady in the supermarket mistakenly thought I was 19. Granted, her eyesight might not be what it once was, but it reminded me that actually, rosacea can make me look younger than I am and perhaps I shouldn’t be so concerned with hiding it quite so much.

So I will continue with the peels and let you know how it progresses!

*This is not a sponsored post.*


One thought on “Beauty review | rosacea peel

  1. Really interesting to hear your experiences, thank you for sharing. I’ve always had fair skin prone to redness, but once I hit my thirties my cheeks became much more inflamed and my skin in general has been so sensitive. Earlier this year my skin was awful, prone to breakouts, and I tried changing diet etc. In the end, I did my research and found a toner with a low glycolic acid, Pixi Glow Tonic. It stops breakouts, and my cheeks are much less angry looking. I will still never need blusher, but I’m much more confident about my face now! It seems counter-intuitive but peels and gentle fruit acids are now the best thing in latest skincare science for rosacea. Works for me!


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