Picnics and 1940s house dresses

Last month I spent a lovely sun-filled spring day with some other vintage bloggers and beauties for a picnic in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. It’s not the first time we’ve caught up (you can check out our High Tea meet-up here) and it’s looking as if it may become a once a month occurrence, which is lovely.

Again, there were just so many laughs as we all shared stories from our respective vintage lives. Is there really anything better than amazing cheese, tear-inducing laughter and some parasol jousting on a beautiful spring day?! I had an interesting thought – we all kept referring to it as a ‘vintage picnic’, but given wearing vintage is part of our everyday lives, isn’t it simply a picnic? Referencing it as a ‘vintage picnic’ feels like something other people would do, and were no doubt doing, as they walked past us staring and taking photographs without asking. Interestingly at one point when a stranger asked it they could take a photo of us, one of the group politely said she’d rather they didn’t. It has never occurred to me that I can say no and to see someone else do it, it made me realise that just because I dress a little differently doesn’t mean I don’t have the same ownership and rights over my image and personal space as anyone else. While it’s very sweet that someone thinks you look nice, often having strangers ask if they can take a photo of you (not with you – there is a huge difference) is a little intrusive and a bit creepy – after all – what the hell do you plan to do with it?!

So I have to thank these lovely and fiercely independent women for helping me realise that I’m not dressing for other people and I always have the right to say no.

Image courtesy of @curvecreation

The lovely ladies line-up (left to right):

Lady Laurabell @ladylaurabell
Lavender & Twill
Ivy Fair @ivyfair
Miss Annie Sky @miss_annie_sky
Cherrybomb Adri @cherrybomb_adri
Curve Creations Closet
A Wild Tea Party

Image courtesy of @curevecreation
Image courtesy of @awildteaparty
Parasol jousting. Yes, it’s a thing.
1940s vs 1920s
I’m much more comfortable behind the camera than I am in front of it! Love taking pics of the beautiful @awildteaparty. Thanks @curvecreation for capturing this moment!

A picnic also seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear my new 1940s house dress. With its wrap-around style, floral print and comfy cotton fabric, it seemed the perfect choice for a more casual look and sitting on the ground! I am slightly obsessed with house dresses and will be making them my summer staple for sure! Check out my 1930s house dress here.

Outfit details: 1940s house dress from Lucky Dry Goods, sandals from Big W, hair flower from Miss Rose, Sister Violet.

Thank you to Lady Laurabell for the photos!









How the incredibly awkward magic happens. I am not a natural born poser and am as awkward as this gif implies.



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