Decked out like it’s 1955

The 1950s isn’t really my everyday era of choice, therefore, I don’t actually own a great deal of full skirted dresses or skirts. So I decided to buy a new dress for this year’s Sydney Living Museums Fifties Fair. I’ve really been leaning towards brown tones lately so it didn’t surprise me when this dress I found on Etsy caught my eye. I also decided to buy this gorgeous hat which perfectly matched a pair of gloves I already owned. The big dilemma was a bag. I really wanted a basket style bag that was reasonably sized and didn’t cost the earth. A random trip to Vinnies saw me uncover this Wizard-of-Oz style basket for a crazy $1.50! It was filthy and the buttons were black. Some intense cleaning uncovered the beautiful Bakelite buttons and basket underneath.

The day before the Fair I tried on the entire outfit, only to discover the dress was a tiny bit too small around the middle. Such is the risk of buying online. I was devastated. I had been waiting to wear this dress for weeks. In steps my amazing Mother who, in a matter of hours, had let out the seams enough so that the dress fit! (NB. I am lucky that my Mother was a seamstress so projects like this don’t faze her). My outfit was back on track!

I was really happy with how the outfit came together in the end and the weather was so lovely a jacket was not necessary. Of course, practical shoes were a must, and I wore my low heeled brown court shoes which were perfect for navigating the rocky terrain.

Big thanks to Ellen for the photos!

Outfit details: 1950s dress from Stutterin Mumma, 1950s hat from Alley Cats Vintage, both on Etsy, 1950s style cat eye sunglasses from ASOS, gloves and basket thrifted.

All photos by Ellen. Check out her blog A Wild Tea Party.













5 thoughts on “Decked out like it’s 1955

  1. How do you to find out about events like the Fifties Fair? Time, place, venue etc and of course with plenty of warning so next time I can outshine Naomi? Ha ha.


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