2016 Fifties Fair


After the disappointment of last year’s rained-out Fifties Fair, it was wonderful to see the sun shinning last Sunday as ladies and gents donned their best threads and headed to Rose Seidler House. I was lucky enough to head along with my very dear friend Ellen of A Wild Tea Party and we bumped into so many lovely vintage friends throughout the day it was like a reunion!

The music was fabulous and the crowd was hopping. I bumped into one of my favourite photographers James Horan, always a pleasure, and lined up for an hour for coffee. I don’t very often buy anything at the Fifties Fair, despite all the amazing vintage on offer, but this year I just couldn’t resist! I nabbed two knits, a bag and a fabulous hat (all will be revealed soon enough on Instagram).

Speaking of, I thought the Fair was a great time to trial Instagram Stories (below are just some of the shots) – I’m not used to taking videos of myself yet but we’ll see how it goes! It was an amazing day out, there is something about a petticoat that just screams ‘occasion’, and perhaps because it wasn’t on last year, the Fifties Fair has a certain glow about it this time around. It’s like vintage Christmas and I can’t wait until next year!

If you’ve never been to the Fair and are in any way interested in 1950s culture it’s a must-do. There’s no pressure to look the part if it’s not your thing and a lot of people attend to people-watch and listen to live music. It’s always fun and something a little different but if you do go wear practical shoes!

I’ll do an a separate post of my amazing outfit later in the week.


I now own one of these hats!



Image courtesy of The Vintage Drawer

[Video from Instagram Stories]


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