A very vintage day out

When two or more vintage ladies are gathered together – there must be a vintage fair on somewhere – right?!?

Recently I met up with some other vintage gals for high tea at the Queen Victoria Building in Sydney. I had never met most of these ladies before, unless you count stalking them on Instagram, and I was excited at the prospect of getting to know the women who inspired me on a daily basis with their positivity and amazing style. But of course, gather eight vintage dressed ladies together and you are guaranteed to garner attention, most of it positive, but this is not always the case. It was interesting to hear from other vintage lovers the sorts of comments their look receives on a regular basis. I was slightly horrified to hear @missharlowdarling recounting tales of cat-calling and sexually explicit comments yelled at her by men. While I’ve thankfully not experienced that degree of harassment, I have been laughed at in public, often with pointing, I’ve been asked why I’m wearing a Halloween costume, am I in a film, going to a wedding, a vintage fair, the races – and when the answer to all these is ‘no’ and you inform people that you just like dressing up, their face goes from a look of curiosity, to one of apprehension as they clearly begin to question your sanity. After all, why would anyone make such a effort with their appearance unless they had to?!

To be honest, ordinarily it doesn’t bother me when people stare, but when they try to take your photograph without you knowing – now that annoys the hell out of me. It’s just rude. This isn’t the zoo, I’m not a giraffe.

It was genuinely lovey to spend time with women who are as passionate about history and vintage as I am, with conversation ranging from cleaning techniques for vintage garments, and the best red lipstick to vibrators in jello molds! As always, high tea at the Queen Victoria Building was amazing. It was a perfect vintage afternoon and I can’t wait for our next gathering!

The lovely ladies line-up:

Lady Laurabell @ladylaurabell
Emma aime
A Wild Tea Party
Curve Creations Closet
Lavender & Twill
Nicola @rozelle_rose
Miss Harlow Darling

Courtesy of @missharlowdarling
Courtesy of @missharlowdarling
Courtesy of @missharlowdarling
Courtesy of @missharlowdarling
Courtesy of @missharlowdarling
Courtesy @missharlowdarling




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