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Trish Hunter

­Can you tell us a bit about The Vintage Post and how it got started?

Hello hello! Absolutely. Well, I guess I’ll start at the beginning!  Having owned my own bricks and mortar vintage store, I understood the need and importance to be found online. That’s where people first form a bond with businesses, and what was lacking online.

I have spent over 8 years building an online presence and knew that with my online reach, I could help businesses be found.

The other element that was important for me, was that there’s so many vintage directories out there, but they’re left stagnant. You create an impersonal listing and then you hope that someone finds it.  I wanted to create an interactive site full of interviews, articles and information that continues to bring in a continuous stream of new readers, as well as our long time audience over and over again. These people may not have seen the directory the first time round, so we keep bringing them back where they can discover someone, somewhere or something new every time they visit!

Gosh that was a long answer. Can you tell I’m passionate about what I do? Haha.

What is it about your work that you love?

I love that I can use what I’ve built to help others. For so long, all of my work building my online presence was to benefit myself and my own store. But now I get to use it to bring together a really awesome vintage community, who are just as passionate about vintage as I am, and then share these people and places with the world! 

Do you have any advice for anyone looking to start their own business?

I am a big believer in following your dreams. At 31 years old, I’ve still never had a full time job in my life. No wait. I had one straight after highschool and I lasted 15 days. Instead, I worked sometimes 3 part time jobs at a time in the industry I wanted to be in, to gain as much experience as I could so that one day, I could run my own business and not someone elses.

So my tip is to absolutely dive in, put everything you have into it. Do a ton of research and follow your dreams.

What has been the biggest learning curve about working for yourself?

My biggest learning curve would have to be… Ooh that’s a tough one. Probably I’ve had to really learn to trust in myself and believe in myself. I had to learn to believe that my ideas are clever, smart, and that I can actually successfully do these things that I dream up.

Can you recall a time when something you set out to do has failed – how did you overcome it? What did you learn from it?

My biggest failure is telling myself “I’ve failed” at things and then actually believing it, and letting myself feel like a failure. That is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Much more than the actual ‘failure’ itself, because allowing myself to feel like a failure sent me so much further back than that apparent ‘failure’ ever actually would have. I think I’ve used the word failure enough now haha!

Why do you think we are so reluctant to talk about our failures?

Looking back, I’ve actually talked a lot about what I thought were my failures. Perhaps not openly on social media, but openly with friends and family. It’s only now that I look back at the things I said to these people that I thought were failures, but were actual successes!

These “failures” actually clearly led me to where I am now.  I thought by selling my shop, I failed at my dream. But I so didn’t. That was the best thing I ever did! It sparked the idea of The Vintage Post, and now I absolutely love what I do, and the shop was just a stepping stone to get to somewhere even more exciting – where I am now.

There’s no way I would have created The Vintage Post if I hadn’t “failed” (but actually succeeded) time and time again previously through my life. These failures were just changes. Not failures. (Oop there’s that word again!)

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by everything. Especially people. And people from all walks of life.  That’s why I love interviewing collectors and people in the vintage industry. I interview everyone from young to old and every single person is completely different to the next. They’re completely inspiring, with stories, memories, and knowledge to tell me. It’s my favourite part of what I do as it actually pushes me further because I’m so inspired after meeting and chatting with these people.

What has been your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge has been self doubt. I’m so lucky to have amazing friends and family who have such confidence in myself and my ideas that I lack in myself. These guys give me a good smack when I get all doubty! I’m very lucky, as they’ve put me straight so many times.

How do you deal with feelings of self-doubt?

Oops I answered that above haha! You pre-questioned my answers!

How do you switch off? What’s your favourite way to relax?

Relaxing? What’s relaxing? Actually I’ve looked that up, and I’m going to give it a good shot very soon. I’m going on my first ever adult holiday this year. Yep. I’m 31 and I’ve never been on a holiday. I’ve always put every cent I’ve earned back into business, but this year I’ve put enough aside for myself, and I’m off to Thailand to try this relaxing thing. Massages, reading, (I’ll still be posting because I’m addicted and love what I do) but I’m going to eat amazing food every day, chill out and congratulate myself on surviving 9 years of running my own businesses with no holiday!

And finally – where can people find you?

You can find me at

I’m on Facebook at

Oh and Instagram (my absolute fav!!)

And twitter

And if you’re a blogger, shop owner, stylist, service or any kind of business in the vintage industry and you want to be found and get extra exposure, joining The Vintage Post is only $10 per month (Yep per month! So so cheap!) I’d love to have you join our vintage team.


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