Review | Dita Von Teese, Strip Strip Hooray

Since as long as I can remember I have wanted to see Burlesque star Dita Von Teese perform live. For a while it seemed as if it might never happen, with the cost of shipping all her props down under just too great an expense. So imagine my delight when it was announced she would be touring Australia performing at Sydney’s Luna Park. That excitement turned you euphoric joy when Nice Events announced an exclusive VIP cocktail party hosted by Dita to be held prior to the show at an additional cost of $85 – meeting such an inspiring and talented business woman? Hells yes. By this point I was beyond excited.

This was slightly dampened after four phone calls to Ticketmaster who thoroughly stuffed up the tickets. Then snuffed out completely when Nice Events released a statement claiming they had made a mistake – the cocktail party would in fact not be hosted by Dita, but you could upgrade and see her after – for an additional  $400. Thankfully my refund was processed quickly. I cannot adequately convey my disappointment at this turn of events. While it appears as if Nice Events were acting independently of Dita, I fail to understand how they could have made the promise of an appearance without actually asking her first. Not to mention their complete lack of empathy for the situation they had put many fans in, all their correspondence very much had a dismissive ‘whoops, our bad!’ attitude, with no compensation or adequate alternative offered. Their sense of crisis management really needs some work. So by the time the evening of the event rolled around, much of the glow had rubbed off. Not to mention, it fell on the Sunday of the huge Sydney storms so the weather was horrific and being a Sunday I knew I’d be paying $125 for a cab home. Naturally, none of this was Dita’s fault – more a victim of bad circumstance – but I couldn’t help but think to myself – she better be worth it.

dita-von-teese-performs-burlesque-strip-strip-hooray-show (1)

MC Murray Hill arguably had the most difficult job of the night – keeping the crowd entertained between acts. He was side-splittingly, spit your drink out, champagne coming out of my nose, finding it hard to breathe funny. He managed to hold the audience in the palm of his hand and made the time between Dita’s performances almost as entertaining as the burlesque stars, which included, among others, Catherine D’lish, and Perle Noire.

As for the woman herself – there are no words. Stunning and sexy as hell, she saunters and strips across the stage to a sumptuous soundtrack, with beautiful, buff men on hand to catch her clothing as it falls. The costuming and set design were exceptional, with so much glitz and sparkle, it had me mesmerised by the sheer beauty of it all. Dita performed four separate acts, each more elaborate and sensational than the last. Her attention to detail, in both costuming and set design, is astounding and assists in presenting an incredibly polished and professional show. Both cheeky and sensual, Dita’s every movement is a lesson in seduction and she manages to make it look easy. With natural grace, style and a sense of glamour most of us only dream of, Dita truly is the Queen of Burleque. She was just as perfect as I had imagined and exceeded every expectation I had.

So despite what can only be described as a major cock-up on the part of Nice Events – and if Dita’s Management has any common sense they will never use them again – it was a brilliant night that had me equally in stitches and blinded by the sheer beauty and talent of the phenomenal woman on stage – and the jewels, oh so many jewels.





5 thoughts on “Review | Dita Von Teese, Strip Strip Hooray

  1. Thank you for this review. I will miss the first performance in Melbourne that I had originally booked tickets for due to my own bad planning. I am seriously considering buying a ticket to the show at the end of the month, but won’t be able to find anyone to go with me


  2. Dita von teese is so lacklustre and unengaging on stage that she would fail to raise residents from the dining hall into the lounge as an afternoon tea act in a nursing home. Perle noire is the star of her strip strip hooray show. Dita walks around the stage on tiptoe, displaying no dance skill, no dance moves or personality.


  3. #Ditavonteese & her crew’s performance is great but Nice Events have caused many issues for her fans. The whole of last night pretty much goes like this: Wait for an hour outside of Forum Theatre, another hour in the venue for the show to start STANDING. Due to the poor venue arrangement, you’ll have to STAND for another 3 hours, sardined & shuffling around groups of towering 6-footers who has formed a barricade near the stage, somewhere in the middle & also the back, blocking most of the view. Paid AUD$100 to see a few short glimpses of the performance onstage. Most Burlesque show I’ve been to are seated & people aren’t allowed to stand in front of others like brutes. This is by far the worst event management I’ve ever encounter & would recommend everyone to just buy #Ditavonteese’s #Burlesque DVD, instead of craning you neck & hurting your feet to see barely anything. Dita is superb but Nice Events will make your life hellish & ruin the night for you. 😦


  4. I have to say I completely agree with Reika. We attended the 26 June performance and had to line up around the entire block on which the Forum theatre is located in the freezing cold. I am five foot 2inches and attending this event was a nightmare. I only got to see the backs of people, I had to ask those around me what was happening on stage. I only saw the top of the spider web when Catherine D’lish performed. I missed other performances, saw little of Dita for the same reason. Not worth the $100. The events management of this show was very poor. The performers should have been higher up so we could have looked up to see them and not trying to crane our necks to catch a glimpse. Very aggressive taller people in the audience in the standing room area made it unsafe. So many people crowded into the standing room area that I question the OHS standards. The greed of the event management company was really evident in the way they stacked us into an unsafe situation and didn’t care about the quality of the performance for the audience. On top of that a very tall drunk woman swinging her arms around whilst holding a red wine, splashing her wine onto people’s clothing who then got upset with her but were the security guards interested…No! She was still being served alcohol by the bar staff as we were leaving. The show programme I heard was sold for $25, if that is true it is an eye gouge. I’m an accountant and looking around the number of people they had jammed into that theatre last night the event made a significant profit. I also recommend just buying the DVD. The saving grace of the night was the MC…hilarious! Who do I send my phsyio bill to? I woke up this morning with a really sore neck and missing $100! Sorry Dita…change your event management company before they ruin your name.


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