I remember when | Evelyn, 1945


I hadn’t planned on going out the night I met my husband. A friend of mine had a date with an Australian soldier and at the last minute he decided to bring along his friend. She couldn’t possible go alone so after some convincing I agreed to join them and that’s how I met Ron. It was June 1945, the war had ended and London was trying to get back on its feet. We were both engaged to other people when we met but three weeks after meeting we were married. The Red Cross payed for my wedding dress and our honeymoon in Runnymede which was a water-meadow alongside the River Thames in the English county of Surrey. All too soon the army shipped him back to Australia but I couldn’t join him for 8 months. I sent him this photo so that he could show his family what I looked like and he sent me a picture of him in a suit so I’d recognise him in civilian clothing. I’d only ever seen him in his uniform. My mother-in-law thought a London prostitute had stolen her son’s heart! It’s been 40 years since he died and do you know I don’t think I even have a photograph of us together.

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Originally published in Lila Jean Vintage Magazine Issue One | December 2014


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