Review | Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition


After the success of the previous Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition, it was no surprise that the popular Australian ABC period drama decided to exhibit once again at Old Government House in Parramatta, this time with costumes from their third season. I greatly enjoyed the previous exhibition and, if it’s even possible, this one was even better. Presented by the National Trust, in association with Every Cloud Productions, each room in the world heritage listed building is artfully constructed into scenes with mannequins decked out in some of the most stunning outfits from the series. With far less furniture and props than last time, the incredibly considered exhibition design perfectly highlights the costumes, and give them the space they need to shine.


Costuming designer Marion Boyce is an exceptional talent. The craftsmanship in the costumes is beyond anything I have ever seen. The exhibition allows you to appreciate the finer details, such as covered buttons, weighted coats and stitching, that simply would not translate on television. Boyce’s incredibly hands-on approach to creating the exhibition is evident through every tiny detail and intricate scene which has been curated unbelievably well. Her eye for detail and design makes her one of the most recognised costume designers in Australia, having recently also worked on the 2014 film The Dressmaker.


With scenes from the series screening in certain rooms, each outfit has an accompanying description and samples of the materials used for you to touch. This is a lovely addition and recognises people’s natural desire to want to handle the clothing. Upstairs also saw the addition of two work rooms which presented a behind the scenes look at Boyce’s process. In particular the video of her team hard at work is fascinating. A shout out definitely needs to go to the volunteers who are so knowledgeable and happy to chat with you about any aspect of the exhibition or the house.


I cannot praise the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition enough. Its appeal is widespread – you do not need to be familiar with the series to appreciate its beauty and skill – anyone who loves clothing, fine craftsmanship and the glamour of vintage style will fall head over heels in love with this exhibition. It’s an absolute must-see and, chances are, I will see it again. And possibly again before it closes on June 19.

The Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition Series 3 is on at Old Government House in Parramatta until June 19, 2016. Tickets can be purchased through the website.


Writer was provided with a complimentary pass to the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition.







The flowers in this veil were made from bread, a common practice at the time.



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