Beauty review | ModelCo. Lash & Brow Growth Stimulator


So lately I’ve noticed a distinct thinning of my eyebrows and eyelashes. As I’ve mentioned previously, my left brow is all but disappearing, in no way aided by me and a set of tweezers. I thought perhaps the solution was to have my brows tinted (which I wrote about here) but now that my lashes have got in on this disappearance act, I decided to look into a product that would promote growth and came across ModelCo. Lash & Brow Growth Stimulator ($24.00). Here’s what it promises:

Your secret weapon for voluptuous lashes and fuller, thicker eyebrows, ModelCo’s LASH & BROW Growth Stimulator is clinically proven to improve the appearance of lashes and eyebrows in just 28 days.

Used daily, this unique product restores thin lashes and over-plucked brows with the active ingredients of Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E, and the growth-stimulating properties of Lecithin. With an easy-to-use brush for precise application, LASH & BROW Growth Stimulator is guaranteed to give you luscious lashes and brows in no time.

So I made sure to follow their directions TO THE LETTER. I applied the formula every night before I went to bed. I recommend applying it at this time primarily as the formula is quite fluid and if it gets in your eyes it stings. The brush applicator is like a plastic comb which makes it easy to apply to both lashes and brows and you use the rounded end to massage it into the brow area. 28 days later and here’s the before and after pics, sans make-up.



AFTER | 28 days later


Ok, so 28 days later (not the 2002 post-apocalyptic thriller) and I’m not sure I can see any drastic difference. Granted – my before and after shots aren’t brilliant (sorry) oddly is seems it may have made my lashes darker?! They do actually look slightly longer in the after shot but you wouldn’t look at me and be all ‘Damn, your lashes got long!’ I’ll persevere with it and see what happens. I do have a bit of a gap in my left lashes at the moment so maybe this will aid in those lashes growing back. I did notice quite a few lashes fell out over the last 28 days but I don’t know if that was due to the treatment or just because I was so aware of what my lashes were doing I became like an overprotective parent. As for my eyebrows… again, I’m not sure they’re any fuller but they do appear darker.

So, is it worth it? The product wasn’t expensive which is good but ultimately it probably wasn’t worth it. While individual results may vary, it didn’t seem to make a difference in my case.



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