The F – Word | Why is fail a dirty word?

At the end of last year I mentioned my desire to put together a series of interviews with women who run vintage businesses and to speak to them about when they feel they have failed and how they overcame it. I decided to call the interview series The F – Word because failure is something we just don’t speak about and it is often hurled at people like an insult, as if failing is the worst possible thing that could happen to you. I decided the fairest way to begin was to interview myself, ask myself the questions I would ask them and answer as honestly as I hope they will. Ideally I’m aiming to post one interview on the 11th of each month (the date when LJV was officially launched in 2014) starting from February, with ten interviews in the series – we’ll see how it goes! You can follow the series here on the blog and on social media with the hashtag #letstalkaboutthefword

Our second interview will be with the lovely Margeaux of The Distinctive Dame and will be up in March! Any questions or if you would like to be involved, drop me a line at


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