To tint, or not to tint my eyebrows

So I have a strange relationship with my eyebrows. Aside from the occasional pluck to ensure I’m not sporting a Frida Kahlo style mono-brow, I have never plucked my eyebrows. I’ve never shaped them, never had them professionally done, no waxing – nothing. I think this steams from my Mother warning me of the dangers of over-plucking and to be honest, they’re just not that hairy. So having pretty much ignored my brows for years I was surprised to notice that the one on the left was, well, disappearing. The tail end of the brow was all but gone and I couldn’t fathom how or why. So I began to colour them in – first with pencil, which often made me look as if I had two angry caterpillars fighting on my forehead, and then with powder. However, as we come into summer I really wanted an easy fix – basically, I got lazy – so I decided to investigate the idea of eyebrow tinting.

First I needed to establish that there was still hair there to tint, and it would appear that my hair isn’t so much disappearing as going blonde – who knows why – so I decided to make an appointment at a local salon (where I’d never been before – I don’t really go to salons much) and while I’m at it I decided to get my eyelashes tinted as well.

The whole experience lasted about 20 minutes and was fairly painless, I kinda dozed off while the tint was working its magic, and I have to say I’m pretty in love with my new eyebrows. Apparently it lasts about three weeks so I’ll see how it goes – may have to make it ¬†regular thing – and while, lets face it, no one will notice the change except me, mine is the only opinion I care about when it comes to my appearance anyway. The lashes look good too, although I have had that done once before, and every time I’m shocked at just how long my bottom lashes are. I pretty much ignore the bottom lashes most of the time as any mascara I put on them inevitably ends up all over my face so it’s nice to give them some attention, without the mess. Below are some before and after shots. In the before I have absolutely no make-up on and in the after it’s just some foundation and lipstick. It’s subtle, but effective. I believe I am an eyebrow tinting convert.




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