Another #datinginthe50s update

Recently my #datinginthe50s partner in crime over in London, A lighter shade of grey, posted an update on how she was going with the list of 129 ways to find a husband from a 1958 copy of McCall’s (read the entire explanation from the beginning here). There have been some interesting comments about this challenge so I feel the need to offer a bit more clarification. Yes, the list of 129 ways to find and land a husband is incredibly sexist – it was written in 1958 after all – and by taking on this challenge that in no way means we agree with or support these opinions. If anything, this is a humerous way for us to demonstrate just how ridiculous this list / article is, and to be fair, I think some of them were written a bit tongue-and-cheek back in 1958 as well – I very much doubt the men and women who came up with this list seriously intended for anyone to stow away on a battleship! Plus bottom line is my mate and I are both single and thought this challenge would be good for a laugh if nothing else! So here is the next installment  of the #datinginthe50s challenge, be sure to read the last installment which can be found here.

Number 14 – Be nice to everybody – they may have an eligible brother or son.

Technically, you should probably be nice to people regardless of whether they can score you a husband, but ok, I’ll be even nicer than normal and to a wider variety of complete strangers, casually dropping into the conversation that I’m single.

Number 22 – On a plane, train or bus, don’t sit next to a woman – sit next to a man.

I love how this assumes I’ll have the luxury of a choice where I sit on Sydney public transport. A lot of the time it’s standing room only or there are enough free seats that I don’t need to share and choosing to sit next to someone on a bus full of free seats is just creepy. But if the opportunity presents itself, then we’ll see.

Number 24 – Don’t be afraid to associate with more attractive girls; they may have some leftovers.

Considering I feel all my female friends are incredibly attractive, this is one that I already do, but never before with the purpose of latching on to their cast-offs.

Number 59 – Watch your vocabulary.

So, I don’t consider my vocab to be that bad. I do have a tendency to drop an f-bomb here and there, much to my mother’s displeasure, but an annoying habit I do have is an overuse of the word ‘like’. A product of my generation, I feel this is actually more frustrating than swearing. So I am making a conscious effort to reduce my use of the word ‘like’ as a joining word and to make my mum happy I’m actively cutting back on the swearing. At least around her. I doubt very much this will find me a man but at least I’ll sound less like a character off Mean Girls.

Number 52 – Wear high heels most of the time – they’re sexier!

I have been making a more conscious effort to wear heels when I go out. Now, when I say ‘heels’ I don’t mean stilettos or platforms, I mean more kitten heels or about two inch numbers because while wearing heels may be sexier, not being able to walk in them is not. So far the only difference I’ve noticed is I seem to get a right little strut on me in heels and I have a few additional blisters.

Until next time, happy dating!


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