Meet our sponsor | The Gold Hatted Lovers


The Gold Hatted Lovers are stylish duo Katie-Louise Ford and Tim Nicol who have transformed their love of the 1930s into a fashion business. One of our generous sponsors, they specialise in handmade men and women’s clothing. By donating just $20 to our crowdfunding campaign you recieve 10% of in their online store. Donate now

Of all the eras, what is it about the 1930s that inspires you so much?

Katie: Since I was a teenager I’ve been obsessed with the glitz and glamour of 1930s Hollywood. From Fred and Ginger to Harlow and the extravaganza of Busby Berkeley. I love being able to access that world through dress whilst drawing inspiration from other eras as well as contemporary fashion to create something new.

It seems many people feel they would’ve been someone else if they were born in an earlier era. I know if I were to be living in the 30s I wouldn’t be a starlet or socialite, costume would still be my passion and trade.

Why did you decide to start your own clothing line, The Gold Hatted Lovers?

Tim: I grew up with an alteration seamstress for a mother who taught me some basics when I became interested in making clothing in my teens. The victim of many matching outfits, I had a colourful childhood which has remained a driving force in constantly searching for interesting aesthetics. When Katie and I met two years ago, her experience and expertise combined with my passion to bring a new collection and business to life. I feel very lucky to have the best teacher in the trade.

Your personal collection of vintage is enviable – where do you like to shop?

As with any good hunter our sources are varied, from brick and mortar sellers in Sydney to other dealers, and of course there’s always etsy!

You both look amazing all the time! What has been the best reaction you’ve received to your outfits?

Dressing outside the box we both receive a lot of attention – both positive and negative.
For us, we put a lot of thought into the way we present ourselves, creating and narrative whilst putting an outfit together.

As a result, the best compliments and comments are from those who don’t simply holler “flapper” or “Marilyn” out of a car window, or the questions “are you in a play?” & “how was the blitz?”, but understand and ask or compliment our aesthetics. The best compliment is when someone takes the time to question, regardless of whether they like our aesthetics or not, as we find that it acknowledges individuality, opposed to pigeon-holing something which we take great pride in.

Your 2014 leisure wear collection is beautiful – what’s in store next for The Gold Hatted Lovers?

Whilst we had two other collections already planned after having such a great response to our first collection, we’ve actually decided to put the label on hold and move to London next April.

We look forward to travelling the globe and finding fresh inspiration for future collections and new directions.

We have some other projects in the works before the big move, so keep following our Instagram for all the hot goss!



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