Meet our sponsor | Evelyn Wood Vintage Fashion House

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Another one of our very generous sponsors is Evelyn Wood Vintage Fashion House. We speak to Evelyn about her business and her love of vintage. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to nab a voucher to her gorgeous store. Donate now

How did the decision come about to start your own reproduction vintage clothing line?

A career in the rag trade was always on the cards for me. I have been sewing and creating my own clothes since I was 14 and then went on to study fashion design at collage. I then worked a variety of fashion jobs, perfecting and varying my skills for many years, but my dream was always to run my own business. As my own style morphed into more a head to toe vintage look, when seeking appropriate outfits I was disappointed by the reproduction items on offer. I wanted it to look, feel and fit like a true vintage garment, not just be a modern polyester reference to the past. I knew I was not the only one wanting this as, I was and still am, continually asked where my clothes come from! It was with that I threw caution into the wind I quit my day job and began my business bringing glamourous, authentic reproduction clothing to others like minded ladies!

You specialise in clothing from the 1930s, 40s and 50s – why these eras in particular?

Though I love all eras of clothing from the 1950’s and earlier, I am personally drawn to wearing styles of these eras the most, so naturally they are going to show up in my collection! Both ladies and gents in these times were both dressed head to toe in an entire outfit, and the accessories were oh so fabulous with hats, gloves and furs worn every day! Just glamourous! I feel the styles and silhouettes are still relevant and flattering today.

What is it about vintage that you love so much?

Vintage clothing made pre 1950’s were constructed the old fashion way and generally made to be luxurious, of high quality and look good on a body, not just on a coat hanger like they are today. It is a way for me to bring a little glamour into my everyday life! When I dress fabulous, I feel fabulous, and that then flows into my entire day!

Do you have a favourite vintage item? If so what is it and why?

Well, it is too hard to have just ONE favourite! But I still am particularly fond of the very first vintage hat I bought. It is a beautiful 1950’s black little number with velvet trimmings that I bought, just because I loved it! I had no idea when or if I would wear it, as hats seemed so outside ‘everyday wear’ at that time! I treasure it as a reminder to wear whatever takes my fancy, even if it seems silly to others!

What does the future hold for Evelyn Wood Vintage Fashion House?

I currently feel I have ‘too many ideas, too little time’ syndrome! I am currently changing my ordering system from made to order, to having readymade stock that is ready to ship! As I find, no lady wants to wait for her outfit once it is chosen! I am also expanding my product range and will have some fabulous new styles available in the online store very soon! Some of the new styles will include the turbans I wear that I get constantly asked about, and there will be tutorials made on tying these also!



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