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AW-Logo_Promo_RGB-SmallWe chat to Victoria, owner of Audrey’s Wardrobe about her Etsy store and love of vintage. The eclectic online store is also one of our principle sponsors of our current crowdfunding campaign. We are very grateful for their support. To show your support for our fourth issue and to check out our great rewards, head over to

When did you start your Etsy store and how did it come about?
I started my Etsy store in 2013 after considering purchasing a bricks and mortar vintage store in my hometown of Darwin. I have been “into” vintage for the last 10 years or so, but much more interested in vintage fashion in the last 5 years. I just kept purchasing things I liked so it is a good way to share the love!

The name Audrey’s Wardrobe is inspired by my maternal grandmother, Audrey Stark, who was a tailor and who I blame entirely for my love of clothes and anything sparkly!

You sell a wide range of vintage pieces – do you have a favourite era? What is it and why?
I wear a range of vintage and modern “high-street” clothes, and have found that the 1940s shape suits my body type the best. I also really love the glamour of the 1940s-1950s pin-up look but have never really been able to master the victory roll or winged eyeliner, so I do my own interpretation. I have a big soft spot for the 1970s though, and the louder the disco shirt the better! I am known around my office for my love of paisley. My mum was a teenager / young adult in the 1970s and wish she’d kept her clothes!

How do you source your vintage pieces?
I purchase on-line through Ebay and Etsy and also from some bulk vintage suppliers based in America. Other items I purchase from interstate vintage fairs and vintage stores, plus local yard sales and even op-shops.

What is the best part of running your Etsy store?
The excitement in knowing that a beautiful garment gets to keep going on its journey, and keep giving pleasure to the next person who’ll wear it.

What is your favourite piece from your own personal collection and why?
My favourite piece of clothing is a little black dress I purchased from a vintage store in Darwin three years ago. It’s a 1940s crepe cocktail dress, with a draped waistline and neckline that’s almost off the shoulder. It doesn’t fit me, and never has, but I am happy to admire it and couldn’t pass it up!





Audrey’s Wardrobe owner, Victoria Hirst.




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