What is Glamour?

With the third issue on its way to the printers I started to reflect on our Issue Three theme – Glamour. What is glamour? I struggled a little with this when putting together my letter from the editor as I feel glamour is different for everyone and I could really only relate what it means to me. It may be a certain outfit, wearing make-up or visiting the hairdresser – or potentially the combination of all three! Something I came to realise is that glamour is intrinsically connected to confidence – what makes us feel confident will usually make us feel glamorous. For me, this usually involves some red lipstick. Also, glamour is generally something that’s created – most people don’t wake up first thing in the morning feeling (or looking) super glamorous, and those that do are to be envied!

So when putting together the third issue it was important to have a lot of strong visuals. I was fortunate to have the lovely Annora Thoeng of Nora Finds submit a beautiful photo shoot she did with photographer Tom Lau which suits the theme perfectly. Then I remembered when I was in Los Angeles a few years ago that I spent a great deal of time in the Hollywood Museum which had once been the Max Factor studio and salon. I find the influence Max Factor had on Hollywood fascinating and decided to do some research into his life and work for the third issue. This issue is also packed full of interviews with Perth blogger and stylist Ally Moschini, costume designer Xanthe Heubel and assistant curator at the Powerhouse Museum, Rebecca Evans. 

I feel like Issue Three covers all different aspects of Glamour – from the cinema and Hollywood, to costumes, to make-up and hair, fashion and old school balls. Can’t wait for you all to see it and below is a visual sneak peek and what you can expect…

The Max Factor building. Courtesy of The Hollywood Museum

A Place to Call Home, Season One. Courtesy of Foxtel/Seven.

Interior of the Capitol Theatre, Swanston Street, showing the stage and curtain, 1955. Courtesy of the State Library of Victoria.



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