Beauty review | The Leopard Lounge setting lotion

The search for the perfect setting lotion can be arduous and frustrating so when The Leopard Lounge asked me to road test their own brand setting lotion I was curious. First of, I love the packaging – it’s pink, it’s glamorous and it’s named after a cocktail. Made from an original 1950s formula with rose oils to condition, vodka to set and marshmallow to hold – it smells AMAZING! Not as chemical as other lotions and it didn’t leave a sticky residue on my hands.

So this is what I have to work with: my hair is thick and fairly long and I hadn’t washed it for about 2 days. I find curls hold better for me on slightly dirty hair. I do tend to have dry ends and a greasy scalp. It’s cut all one length so no layers or bangs. It’s a bit wavy so generally retains curl pretty well. Forgive the make-up free shots below! I use pin curl clips – not bobby pins as I find they aren’t strong enough for my hair. I applied the setting lotion to each section of hair as I went, sectioning off small to medium pieces with the smallest sections around my face. I have no real method to how I pin except that I direct all curls toward my face.

I always sleep in my pin curls wrapped in a head scarf. When I took the clips out the curls were nice and bouncy. After I run my fingers through all the curls, I like to use a large and small barrel brush to brush from underneath brushing in toward my face. I do this until it’s nice and smooth and I’m happy with how it sits. Then I douse the whole thing in hair spray!

I liked that the setting lotion didn’t leave my hair crunchy or greasy, the curls were soft and manageable. They dropped a little bit over the course of the day but the style still looked polished. I tend to go for a more natural wave but if you were after tighter curls you could always use smaller sections of hair.

Overall I really liked this product. It delivers what it promises and I love that it’s hand crafted by The Leopard Lounge. This is just one product from their collection and soon I’ll be reviewing their Rehab Intense Conditioner so stay tuned!

Products by The Leopard Lounge can be bought from their Newtown salon or online.

Without the miracle of make-up! I was born with facial rosacea which you can kind of see here. Might do a post on the best products for this at some point…

What the curls look like when they’re first taken out and then after a brush out.

This is a sponsored post.


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