Review | ANZAC Girls

The first episode of ANZAC Girls premiered last night on the ABC and is produced by Screentime Australia. Honouring the Centenary of the commencement of WWI, this six-part series is based on the true stories of Australian and New Zealand nurses serving at Gallipoli and the Western Front. Based on the book The Other ANZACS by Peter Rees, the series follows the lives of a group of nurses as they come to terms with being so far from home and the tremendous loss they are faced with. It was a fairly action packed first episode. With the new nurses arriving in Egypt, engaging in some officer flirtation, and caring for the men and boys who returned from ANZAC Cove. Fantastic performances by Georgia Flood (Alice), Laura Brent (Elsie), Anna McGahan (Olive), Antonia Prebble (Hilda) and Caroline Craig (Grace). The scene where Hilda stands on the deck of a ship just off the Gallipoli peninsula as the first wave of troops land of ANZAC Cove and the fighting starts is chilling. These women imagined such exciting adventures with the harsh reality defying their expectations.

Over 3,720 Australian and New Zealand nurses served overseas during World War I. Fifty-six were awarded the Royal Red Cross. Two hundred and ten were awarded the Associate Red Cross. Only seven ANZAC nurses were awarded Military Medals.(I)

If you missed the first episode be sure to check it out online.

Get the tissues out, this is set to be a tear-jerker. Even the trailer made me well up!

(I) Statistics taken from the ANZAC Girls Media Kit.

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