This is my Nan and Pop in 1940’s Sydney before they were married. I love this photo. My Pop passed away when I was five and my Nan when I was fifteen. Although I don’t remember my Pop I was incredibly close to my Nan, who my mum resembles more and more as each day passes. It’s photos like this one of my grandparents that have inspired me to turn my love of vintage and nostalgia into a magazine.

Currently there is not a lot of choice when it comes to vintage magazines in Australia. Usually I purchase vintage publications from the UK but found myself frustrated that the products described and events listed were of no real relevance to me all the way in Australia. So I decided to make it myself.

Lila Jean | Vintage & Nostalgia is named after my Nan who, incidentally, hated her name. I love to hear stories from my mother about my Nan and Pop and read the letters they left behind. I feel closer to them both through this contact and it really spoke of who they were before I knew them as Nan and Pop.

When I spoke with friends about the ideas I had for this magazine I realised that everyone has a story to tell and it became clear to me that I wanted to provide a vehicle to tell these stories. That’s what Lila Jean is. It’s not just about vintage fashion, although that will form a part of it, it’s more about the people, your grandparents, aunts, uncles and parents who lived in the times that so many people attempt to emulate through fashion, music and lifestyle. Lila Jean will present these narratives through profiles, objects and architecture.

So this is the start of the journey, the first step, the idea. I know if my Nan was still alive she’d no doubt roll her eyes and insist she never inspired anyone, but she inspires me, everyday.   

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